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Folding packaging box

March 18, 2020

Latest company news about Folding packaging box

Folding packaging box is one of the common packaging box styles. It is widely loved by customers. Folding boxes can be seen everywhere in our daily life, showing the wide range of applications of folding boxes.


The folding packaging boxes's advantages :

1. Low processing cost. Folding cartons are made of paper, which is much cheaper than metal, plastic, glass and other materials.
2. Convenient storage and transportation. The carton adopts a folding style, which saves space in the warehouse, land area and transportation space.
3. Suitable for various printing methods. The surface of the carton is not only suitable for gravure, letterpress, and lithographic printing, but also can be decorated with patterns and characters of various styles.
4. Suitable for automatic packaging. The folding carton has a simple structure and is suitable for filling and sealing on automated machinery and equipment.
5, good recycling. Paper material is an environmentally friendly material, which can be recycled and reused after use.







1. Basic Advantages of using Folding Boxes for your Products Is there any solution to save our consignment of custom box packaging? Yes, sir, we can have same type of packaging assortment in folding boxes that do not get damage during shipping. There is always a solution of all the problems in the world. The above mentioned dialogue was between me and my boss to get undamaged consignment of custom folding boxes. Have you ever realized that these boxes can also turn into a problem for any of you? Whether you order for display boxes, bakery boxes, toy boxes or even shipping boxes, the damage done during the shipping in these types of packaging boxes turns into a big revenue shock for the business owners, merchandiser and even for retailers. Therefore, these folding packaging boxes as per all these challenges of the business market become the highly recommended.






2.If you belong to any business sector or the industry, then you can better understand the value of these folding boxes. Uses of Folding Packaging with Advantages As already told these wholesale folding boxes can easily be used in numerous fields. For instance, for apparel packaging, cosmetic packaging for lipsticks, mascaras, blush, foundation and a lot more. Further, there is a renowned type called custom sleeve boxes, which is used in various fields such as for the packaging of the confectioneries like macaroons, donuts, cupcakes and a lot more. Further this type of folding boxes is also used as hair extension packaging in makeup industry. These folding packaging boxes have so many advantages for its customers such as:  Flexibility with Creativity Custom folding boxes are so much beneficial for the business industry as they can easily give any shape, design and size through engineering.






3. Most importantly, this printing customization can become even more convenient for folding boxes with the use of die cut procedure for which manufacturers only use the die cut machine and print all the custom box packaging with the same design conveniently. This helps you not only getting same type of printing over all these boxes instead these wholesale folding boxes become affordable for you to buy. On the other hand, if you go for rigid type, printing become a little bit expensive and requires much more efforts than custom folding boxes.






4. As I have already told these folding boxes have very strong ability to absorb color schemes. Therefore, you can go for any time of printing that can have four colors that can also extend up to seven colors. When such types of condition are applied then you can get printed folding boxes with the CYMK scheme that stands for Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Key or PMS. There are a lot of printing styles such as graphic, laser and digital but now a day offset lithography, gravure and flexography are preferred for custom folding boxes  Strength It is not true that if you are using folding boxes than you cannot get any strength. Instead there are various materials used in the production of the Custom Folding Boxes that provides them strength, robustness and resistant capabilities against all type of damages.






It makes sense that folding boxes are loved by customers. As people's living standards improve, the demand for folding boxes will continue to increase. If you want to order folding boxes, please contact us.


Folding packaging box.

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